Payroll Leasing Professional Employer 
Organization (PEO)
Let us manage your payroll while you grow your business. We provide complete payroll service and HR Compliance management all year-round through our PEO option or choose our 3rd-Party Option if you just want checks and quarterlies to be completed. 
Allow Unified Services to be your co-employer for a $10 fee per paycycle no matter how many employees. 

As a PEO our services include:
  • ​Payroll Biweekly or weekly
  • New Hire and Social Security Verification
  • Mandatory Worker's Compensation Policy that we handle the deposits and any claims
  • Wage, Levy, Child Support Garnishments
  • Verification of Employment
  •  Maintaining all employee records and compliance for Federal and AZ level audits.

Each pay period you will receive payroll along with an invoice which covers gross payroll, employer taxes, workers' compensation and our $10 fee for payroll processing. 

You write only one check and we take care of the rest!

If Employee Leasing is not for you. Unified Services can still prepare your complete payroll including: 

  • ​Pay cycles that suit your company needs
  • 940 Federal Annual 
  • Quarterly Federal & State Returns
  • W2s
  • Prices vary on pay cycles and number of employees. Call to inquire.

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