Taxes can be, well, taxing. You have a choice to file here online or for just a few dollars more you can come in to our office for a one-on-one appointment. 
Our in office pricing for new clients:

  • New client special is $99!! Offer expires March 31, 2021 - this includes federal and state return plus E-Filing included at no additional charge!
  • Additional States $29.95 (Each)
  • If passed the March 31th New client deadline; prices vary as it is based off of what forms are needed to be transmitted to Federal and/or State as each person's returns are unique to themselves.
  • Call 623-583-0113 to schedule your appointment  

 Frequently Asked Questions
Can I still electronically file my past year tax return?

No. You can only file your past year return by mailing it to the IRS or state tax department because the IRS doesn't allow electronic filing for past year returns and requires you to sign them.
Having problems receiving our emails?

Make sure you don't have any emails from us on block (bulk email or spam blocker can cause our emails to default into a spam folder).
How long does this tax preparation process take?

We are known for our fast turn-over time. Most returns are completed within the hour appointment. Simple returns can take less than the allotted hour appointment- all you need to do is make sure that you have supplied the correct information & documentation. 
Where is my Federal Refund?

If you have a Federal Refund and E-filed, your Refund can take up to 21 business days according to the IRS.
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